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    Four Advantage
    Rigorous and pragmatic, high-speed and efficient


    Years of industry experience, strong technical strength

    Nanxuan aluminum Profile factory years dedicated to

    Aluminium Profile processing, aluminum Profile Radiator, aluminum alloy panels,

    Processing plant, equipped with a technical team of more

    than 100 people, the average industry


    Quality Assurance

    Strict feed control

    The company has a large-scale mature production base

    configuration of precision production and processing equipment

    Grid Feed Control, the company strictly in accordance

    with the ISO quality management, and for special product specific requirements


    Support customization

    Personalized customized processing

    Strict quality control system, for customers to

    develop a sound aluminum profile customization,

    Processing Scheme, exquisite craft technology, meticulous

    surface treatment process, compared with peers


    Quality assurance

    Improve service capability

    We have a comprehensive after-sales service team, 24-hour online

    customer service, any customer questions,

    To provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sale, sales

    Excelsior, do every detail carefully

    Aluminum Processing
    One-stop service

    Foshan Sanshui Leping Nanxuan aluminum products factory is located in Yamcha industrial park, Sanshui District, Foshan. One of the key manufacturers of aluminum profile in domestic processing industry is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating research, design, manufacture and sales service. Specializing in the production of all kinds of aluminum alloy state of construction aluminum, industrial aluminum, furniture aluminum, lighting aluminum, aluminum radiator, mold design and development, undertake all kinds of aluminum deep processing. We have now advanced aluminum processing production equipment complete, including: Casting Production Line; 20 domestic advanced production lines;


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    Nanxuan Aluminium Products Factory, Leping town, Sanshui district, Foshan

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